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  login can be hosted on your own website with your own designs, colors and room sets

custom showcase can be branded with your own logo, standard sizes of rugs and price calculator based on size, quality and materials used

with a valid username and password contents can be periodically updated by yourself
simply email one order sheet file in prescribed yet customizable format for communication

all customized information like the colors, size, quality, materials and construction details are included

due to visual aid and textual details, communication problems related manufacturing errors are eliminated
one of the best tools for coloring, illustrating, and communicating custom rugs online

an extremely user-friendly interface to visualize designs as the finished product before they are made

see and customize rug in room situations just with one single click and drag and drop
enables you to customize and render the rug right in front of the customer

constantly updated with truly futuristic features and technologies

on-screen color matching tool, and unbelievably realistic rendering of wool and silk texture are such examples
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Mailing Address: GPO Box 5327
Kathmandu, Nepal
Telephone: 977- 1- 4387977/ 4389747
exploRUG is an online marketing tool for your custom rug business. It allows users to browse through your collection of designs under different categories and create their own color combinations from among your list of available colors. Users can even customize the material (wool or silk) and weave (pile or loop) and see realistic simulations as a carpet, close up views, or laid out in different rooms. The customized rug can then be ordered online with all the customization information automatically included in the order. The front end of this software can be integrated on your own website.
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